GLASS PAVILION 11 m² – E-laube

Quality and enjoyment



The pavilion measuring 3.8 × 2.9m is delivered as ready-made large elements.

-wall height 2.0/2.3m

-modules of the wall element (55mm): width of 0.9 m, boarding of 21 mm

-deep impregnated floor shields (110mm) measuring 0.9 × 2.7m

-roof shields (140mm) measuring 0.9/1.1 × 3.7m

Roof pitch 7°, covered with 15m2 of corrugated cardboard (not included)

Sliding doors:

Easy-to-mount sliding glass system made of modules consisting of aluminium profiles and 4mm tempered glass fitted in them. The modules move smoothly on roller bearings along the guides supplied with 4 or 2 rows. The modules have a special seal which makes the sliding wall more noise- and dustproof.

Delivery package

  • 1.1 × 3.7 x 1.8m; Q = 1200kg

Finishing, transport, and installation are based on calculation.