HERTA 8 m² – E-laube

Quality and enjoyment

HERTA 8 m²


A classical outdoor sauna for clients who value quality. Suitable also for inexperienced builders.

– base frame: two ready-made frames measuring 2.1 × 21 m and 50 × 110 mm, deep impregnated planed wood

– walls: milled wood boards with two grooves and a thickness of 58 mm. Wall boards are connected on the partition wall using connector elements.

– windows and doors made of laminated wood and double glazed

– floor, ceiling, and roof elements are ready-made

– floor elements are made of 28-mm spruce boards and finished (wood preservative + polish)

– insulated ceiling elements (insulation 50 mm), sided with 17-mm alder boards

– roof elements: 17-mm profile boards, 45 mm on laths and rafters

– roof cover: hexagonal bitumen shields

– floor frame of the steam room is slanted and there is a plastic gutter for water

– benches, back, and leg rests are made of alder or aspen

– corner table, shelves, and benches in the dressing room

You also have the option of ordering a full steam room set which includes a heater with chimney elements and all other necessary parts.

Technical description

– outer dimensions of walls: 2.1 × 4.1 m

– wall height: 2.0 m

– roof ridge height: 2.4 m

– roof pitch angle of 16°, roof area: 18.6 m²

– building floor area with the terrace: 8,9 m²

Delivery package

  • 1.05 × 2.3 × 1.05 m, Q = 1000 kg
  • 2.07 × 2.3 × 1.3 m, Q = 800 kg


Package-HERTA-8m2terrace-4m2 Package-HERTA-8m2terrace-4m2a

Finishing, transport, and installation are based on calculation.